Welcome to Little Rackets


 Hello and Welcome to Little Rackets!

     Little rackets is a fun environment for kids to help develop their hand eye co ordination and tennis skills.

Our lessons consist of fun games and drills which is a new way of learning through being active.


Little rackets is a newly developing business aimed at bringing tennis coaching into nurseries and primary schools.

Not only do we teach tennis, we also like to promote that healthy lifestyle for children.

We want to give that opportunity to children at a young age so they grow up wanting to be active and wanting to get involved in sports  through their own Choice.

The lesson plans we follow not only teach them hand eyed co ordination and tennis skills, but we also pride ourselves in keeping the lessons up beat with lots of fun games as that’s where their enthusiasm for tennis begins.

We run FREE trials to show you what we can do so contact us now to book in!